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Immortal Jedi's Page

My Own Tales to Tell

Hello and welcome to my journal! My name is Pat. I go by jedipati pretty much everywhere but here, so you might notice somethings that seem familiar elsewhere. It's probably just me. I’m in my thirties and have been in fandom of some sort or another since I was a teen.

I’m a decently prolific writer, so I often have some project going on. Everything I write will be Gen, or at least pretty much suitable for those thirteen and older. Most of it is fine for younger kids, too. Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, all such things will be erratic, at best. Real Life has finally claimed me.

I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, Star Wars, Highlander, Pirates of the Caribbean, Supernatural, Harry Potter, sewing, knitting, and fanfiction. I do not like slash.

Due to real life, and some slight paranoia, this journal is Semi-Friends Only. All stories and other fandom related posts will remain unlocked, unless they have my picture in them, but all other posts will be locked.